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Colonel Charles Pettit


Colonel Charles Pettit

Began his service in the Revolutionary War as Assistant Quartermaster-General with rank of Colonel, 2 Mar, 1778. The military commission was met with irritation by other officers as the role of Quartermaster-General was seen by many as a civilian role. Resigned 20 Jun, 1781.

Born in Hunterdon County, NJ in 1736, died 4 Sept 1806.

Married Sarah Reed, a half-sister of Joseph Reed, Washington’s secretary.

An iron merchant and civil servant, Pettit served as secretary of the Colony of New Jersey in 1769. Member of the Governor’s Council, 1773.

Personal secretary to Governor William Franklin from 1772 to 1774. Resigned his post as the Revolution near, then returned as secretary to the revolutionary governor, William Livingston in 1776. Provincial secretary (office later titled Secretary of State of New Jersey) 1776-1778.

Member of the New Jersey House of Representatives 1784-1785. Twice a delegate to the Continental Congress, 1785 and 1787. Trustee for the University of the State of Pennsylvania in 1786, and again following the merger which created the University of Pennsylvania in 1791.

A member of the American Philosophical Society.