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Commander Charles René-Louis de Marigny, Comte De Bernard


Commander C. de Bernard

Original Member of the French Society and Represented Propositus of the New Jersey Society. Born in Seez, Normandy, France on 1 Feb 1740 and died in Brest, France on 25 Jul 1815. Midshipman in the French Navy in 1755. Lieutenant in 1757. Capitaine de Vaisseau, Commanding ‘L’Ardent’ in 1764. Served in Santo Domingo from 1767-1774. Served for a short time commanding ‘le Réfléchi’ in 1774 under Comte De Grasse. In 1775 went on an extended cruise through the West Indies. In 1778 he was in command of the frigate ‘La Belle Poule’ on which Benjamin Franklin was being transported back to America. They eluded two British men-of-war and delivered Franklin safely. He captured a British ship at the Battle of Ouessant in 1778. Post Captain. In 1779 he served under de Guichen, D’Estaing and de Grasse. In Rhode Island 1780-1781. Served in M. des Touche’s Action of 16 Mar 1781 and at the Battle of Yorktown. Commander of the frigate ‘Sensible’. Engaged in the battles off Saint Christophe 25-26 Jan 1782. Participated in seven naval battles in the American Revolution. In 1784 he was in command of a small Division sent to the Portugese Colony of Angola. After the American Revolution he served as Naval Commander in Brest, France. Promoted to Chef de Division 1 May 1786 and Brigadier of Naval Forces in 1789. On 1 Jan 1792 he was made Rear-Admiral. Imprisoned during the Reign of Terror. After the Restoration, Louis XVIII made him a Vice-Admiral on 1 Jul 1792 and appointed Deputy Governor to the Dauphin. Made Knight Commander of St. Louis in 1814. Made Knight of the Legion of Honor. In Dec 1815 made Commandant of the Marine at the Port of Brest, which office he held until his death. The line was relinquished to the French Society upon the death of his representative in the New Jersey Society, Charles Schuveldt Dewey, Jr. [Sources: M;; Pic: “History of the French Society of the Cincinnati”.]

C. de Bernard is currently unrepresented in the Society of the Cincinnati. Eligible descendants are encouraged to make inquiry regarding membership.



Admitted 1952