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Colonel Anthony Walton White

Original Member, admitted 1796

Represented in the New York Society

Colonel Anthony White

First joined the NY Society 1783 and transferred to the NJ Society 4 Jul 1796. Now represented in the NY Society. Began his service as Major and Aide-de-Camp to General Washington in Oct 1775. Lt. Colonel in the 3rd Regiment NJ Line 8 Feb 1776. Lt. Colonel in the 4th Regiment Continental Dragoons 13 Feb 1777. Lt. Colonel Commandant in the 1st Continental Dragoons 10 Dec 1779. Colonel 16 Feb 1780. Taken prisoner by Tarleton at Landeau’s Ferry 6 May 1780 and exchanged Oct 1780. Prisoner on parole at the close of war. Retired from service 9 Nov 1782. Born in New Brunswick, NJ on 7 Jul 1750 and died 10 Feb 1803. Place of death unknown. After the Revolution he served as General in the US Army, in command of all Cavalry in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1793-1794 and on the return of the expedition, took charge of the prisoners on their march to Philadelphia. He was Brigadier General in the US Army 19 Jul 1798 to 15 Jun 1800. Died in New Brunswick, NJ on 10 Feb 1803. Surrogate of Middlesex County, NJ. Adjutant General of New Jersey 1793-1803. Kosciuszko made Colonel White’s house “Sans Souci” his home for one winter during a severe sickness. When Kosciuszko returned to America in 1797, he and Colonel White exchanged their gold eagles. Freemason and member of Washington Lodge #12, New Brunswick, NJ and Master of the Lodge 1794-1796. Married Margaret Ellis on 8 May 1783. [Sources: M; H; (66); (98); (C); “Institution of the Society of the Cincinnati … 1783… of the New York Society”, by John Schuyler, 1886; “”New York State Society of the Cincinnati, Biographies of Original Members and Other Continental Officers”, by Francis Sypher, Jr., 2004; “Memoir of Brigadier General Anthony Walton White”, by Anna Woodhull, 1882; “Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography”, 1887.; Find A Grave Memorial; Wikipedia; Pic: (J).]