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2022 Spring Meeting

The 2022 Spring Meeting of the New Jersey Society of the Cincinnati was held in Morristown, NJ, on 21-22 May, at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge. At the business meeting two members were inducted, and three new ones admitted. Other business was transacted as well. The meeting was broadcast via Zoom to remote members. Joel T. Daves IV, Vice President General of the Society, attended. Following the meeting and a light lunch at the nearby Grain House restaurant, the members boarded a bus to visit local Revolutionary War historic sites: the Jockey Hollow encampment site; the Ford Mansion; and the Schuyler-Hamilton House, which was originally owned by Dr. Jabez Campfield, an Original Member of the New Jersey Society. The house today belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution of Morristown, who welcomed our group and showed us the items that they were able to acquire for the museum with a grant from the Society. This included a plaque to be installed on Dr. Campfield’s grave. The temperature was in the 90s but the group was not deterred. The weekend concluded was a dinner at The Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen, a restaurant occupying what was once the Vail Mansion, built in 1918, by Theodore Vail who was president of American Telephone & Telegraph.