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The Family Exchange Program facilitates exchanges between the children of French Society members and the children of members of the American constituent societies. Both boys and girls between the ages of fourteen and nineteen are eligible to participate.

Exchange visits typically take place over the summer vacation period. Generally, a visit of two to three weeks is arranged for one child with the family of his or her counterpart in the host country, before his or her counterpart embarks on his or her own trip across the Atlantic. The reciprocal visit may occur in the following year's summer vacation period. The specific timing and travel arrangements for the exchange visits are left to the participating families to work out together. The Society's role is to put the families interested in these exchanges in touch with each other. All financial obligations of the program are the responsibility of the participating families. Familiarity with the French language is beneficial, but there is no requirement that an American child has studied French or is able to speak the language.

The Family Exchange Program is open to sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandsons and granddaughters, grandnieces and grandnephews; all are eligible to participate in this unforgettable opportunity, facilitated by the Society as a token of its belief in the importance of rendering permanent the cordial affection of members and their families.

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The Society of the Cincinnati assumes no liability for any expense, injury, accident or loss, including but not limited to property damage or loss, bodily injury or loss of life, associated with participation in the Family Exchange Program, including but not limited to expenses incurred as a result of delays, illness, hospitalization, natural disaster, inclement weather, strike, quarantine, war, acts of terrorism, or for any other cause. The custodial parents or legal guardians of minors participating in the program assume all such liabilities, and release the Society of the Cincinnati (an unincorporated association), the Society of the Cincinnati (a District of Columbia corporation), La Société des Cincinnati de France and the other constituent societies of the Cincinnati, their officers, officials, directors, employees and agents, individually and collectively, from all claims arising out of participation in the Family Exchange Program, whether resulting from acts of omission or commission or from any other cause whatsoever.

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